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Horsmonden Social Club offers a warm welcome to present and former residents of Horsmonden and the surrounding community. The Club meets in the building formerly occupied by the Horsmonden Working Men's Club, in Green Road, immediately to the left of the War Memorial.

Mission Statement

“This Club will be seen as a centre of the Horsmonden community. A place where respectable people from all walks of life can meet socially and enjoy their leisure time”

Ewen Kellas Memorial Fund

After the sad death, in 2019 of former Horsmonden Social Club President and Chairman, Ewen (Kell) Kellas the Club Committee established the Ewen Kellas Memorial Fund (the fund) in his memory. Kell was always a passionate advocate of the Club providing support to other Horsmonden village clubs, organisations and charities. The committee therefore felt it only right that financial gifts to such groups continue and going forward that they do so in his name.

The Club will accept donations into the fund, accounting for them separately and presenting them at the Club Annual General Meeting each year. The Club Committee will continue to use the Club’s own monies to support village groups alongside those of the fund. Members will continue to have the option of adding an additional donation to their membership fees and from 2020, all such donations will go into the fund.

To help manage the donation process a short application form has been set up. Applications will be scrutinised by the Club Committee and approved based upon a simple majority decision at the committee meeting after a full application is received, ensuring that the Club’s funds are used diligently and in line with the Constitution and Trust Deed.

Applicants are encouraged to make use of the Club as a venue to hold events to help support their fundraising activities.

Approved by the Club Committee - October 2019

The Club is totally dependent on the goodwill of its members in order to open on a regular basis; there are no paid staff, and adult members are asked to consider whether they might be able to offer their time.

It would be approximately two hours of their time once per month in order to open and/or lock up and to staff the bar.  There have been occasions when we have been unable to open for one of our scheduled activities, and additional volunteers would make an enormous difference as well as reducing the load on our present volunteers. If you think you might be able to help in this way, do please get in touch

Membership is open to all present and former residents of Horsmonden and the surrounding community aged 16 years and over. Please click on the 'read more' below for subscription costs, and an online application form.

Our location

War memorial plaque

The War Memorial Plaque just outside our building contains photographs of 40 of the Horsmonden WWI Fallen and was first displayed in 1925.  Click on the photo below to view it on the Horsmonden Historical Society website as an interactive image, with each thumbnail photo linking to a full-size image with informative caption and (where possible) a link to the relevant Commonwealth War Graves Commission record.

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