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We are very saddened to tell you that Pauline passed away in hospital late last week. 
She was a very long standing member of our Club and a regular attendee at our Bingo sessions.    A friend of many and great company for all who knew her.  She was admired for the way in which she coped so bravely with her poor health.  
Our thoughts are with John and his family at this sad time for them.
Many of you will want details of the funeral arrangements for Pauline and we will make these available to you as soon as we have them to hand.

Tuesday 29 January

The start of the 6 Nations Rugby has arrived and your Club is geared up for showing most of the matches.  Our equipment has been improved and the screening will be even better than last year. So Friday (1stFeb) evening is the first match with France facing Wales in Paris.  Our bar will be open as usual from 7pm.

Friday 25 January 2019

Great Burns Night on Saturday with your Club brimming with around 90 members partaking in the feast, fun and entertainment.  'Songs 4'did us proud with some lovely renditions.  Malcolm (our Morris dancing Scotsman) gave a fine 'Address to the haggis'.  Toasts were given with apt and comic introductions and our Piper piped away merrily! 
Our thanks to Alison who did so much of the organising and indeed to all who helped, participated, set it all up and cleared afterwards.  Great team effort-great team!  Thanks.

16 - January 2019
There seems to be so many of you unwell at present. If you are one we wish you a speedy recovery back to full health very soon.
The above means that we do have a very few tickets available for Burn's Night on Saturday.  If you would like to come, try your luck by telephoning Kell on 01892 722162.
Those with tickets, remember it is a 7 for 7.30pm start and promises to be another 'evening to remember' at your Club. Wear something of a 'Scott's' flavour if you can ( a bit of tartan or a blue flower).   Be ready to sing and find out how the malt whisky keeps the colds away!

Wednesday 9 January 2019


Christmas/New Year - suddenly it is all over so quickly!  However there is plenty for you to knuckle down and enjoy in our Village.

BURN'S NIGHT is our next big event. Only 2 Saturdays away on the 19th. For those lucky enough to have tickets -time to get out your tartan! Fine evening in store on traditional lines.  Our piper will 'pipe' you into our Club adorned for the occasion.  Anthony H will again be producing an amazing 3 course supper.  A bit of 'culture' for you to enjoy as we celebrate the life and works of the great bard.  Songs 4 will entertain us with some fantastic singing to the extent that you will have to join in (helped by malt whisky).