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So tomorrow is NOSTALGIA DAY at your Club. A chance to find out and record all those things from the past before they disappear from living memory! Not just of interest to long-term Horsmondenites but also to 'newcomers' who are intrigued to know how things used to be. People are coming from far and wide, and so a chance to meet up with old friends and reminisce about times past and laugh, of course. (Funny how good times always stay at the forefront of memory at the expense of bad times?) There will be loads of memorabilia and photos on show and you can bring your own to show, and be scanned or copied and stored on the Village website. Starts from 10.30 am. Coffee/tea available all day, bar open at lunch time and Ploughman's lunches for you to enjoy whilst nattering away to interesting people (just like you!). Finishes around 4.30pm, so plenty of time to drop by. See you there!

Still recovering? If you were involved in last weekend's Summer Festival, we are not surprised! What a great series of events. Our grateful thanks to HoVEC and all who helped in so many ways – it was marvellous! So much planning, organising, setting up, participation, changing the marquee for different events and clearing up.!! On Monday, if you looked at our Village Green, you would have thought it never happened - all was normal tranquillity - but it did! Our huge thanks also to our own Club Committee and the volunteers who worked their socks off in running the bars during the weekend. Ordering, stocking up, serving, fetching and carrying, banking the money etc., etc. All did a great service – WELL DONE and THANKS. Have look at some great photos that Granville took of the Saturday afternoon and Sunday. You can find them at:

With all that has been going on over our wonderful SUMMER FESTIVAL WEEKEND, we forgot that this Thursday is the 3rd of the month and it is FILM NIGHT !!

So we will be showing the 1940's 'classic' REBECCA' starring Lawrence Olivier and Joan Fontaine. Note - this film, like all of this year’s programme, was chosen by a survey of our regular film-going members, so it must be good ! David Hawkins will be guest projectionist on this occasion, as Phil will (briefly, we hope) be in St Thomas’s.
Bar opens at 7 pm with the film starting at 7.30 pm. Sit back in comfort with drink and your pork scratchings and enjoy ! Minimum donation of £1 suggested, making it the best value for an evening out EVER! See you there.


P.S. - don't forget the Book Launch on Sunday. Noon to 1.30 pm and Richard will give a short intro to 'Harry's Boys' around 12.30.

This weekend is all about the HORSMONDEN SUMMER FESTIVAL. If you are not aware now of all that is happening, you must have been asleep! One thing is certain – it is going to be a great weekend much of which will cost you nothing and it will give you the chance to join with the rest of our community simply having fun!

A couple of URGENT pleas from HoVEC – who organise our Village Summer Festival which is THIS weekend.

CAKES and CARS! Strange mixture! - but first let's set the scene. On Sunday afternoon there will be a huge VILLAGE TEA PARTY for all! IT IS FREE!!!! and dedicated to the memory of Jo Cox and the Democracy in which we live. Tables will be set out on the Green (in the marquee if wet), there will be entertainment for children and adults, a band, Classic cars and simply a big gathering of the families and friends of our Village.